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Obama Mama (2014): Screening + Discussion With Filmmaker Vivian Norris

  • LUCE HALL 34 Hillhouse Avenue New Haven, CT, 06511 United States (map)
The most powerful man in the world says he owes everything he is to his mother.
Stanley Ann Dunham
 An anthropologist with a Ph.D, she lived an extraordinary life, globetrotting from the Midwest to Seattle, Hawaii, and Indonesia. Her personal and public life mirrored (and often presaged) the important political, cultural, and social changes of her time. From Cold War fears to the Civil Rights movement, Women’s Rights and the United States’ presence abroad, Ann Dunham’s journey from a small town in Kansas to the remote villages of Indonesia, taught her what it truly meant to be an American. Including interviews with Dunham’s high school friends and colleagues, as well as rich archival footage, Obama Mama explores Dunham’s travels and activism, her dedication to raising awareness of global poverty, and her development of microcredit programs to address poverty in rural villages.