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Lois Goglia / Identity: Sameness In All That Constitutes The Objective Reality Of A Thing: Oneness

  • DASILVA GALLERY 899 Whalley Avenue New Haven, CT, 06515 United States (map)
Artist Lois Goglia has been examining the relationship between medical imagery and photography for over twenty years. In this new series, identity, viewers examine and compare the similarities and differences between the mri imagery, x-rays of dna, and portraiture embedded in each of nine adjacent plexiglas panels. Viewers are prompted to ask the following questions: how do we identify ourselves and others? By our outer appearances, such as skin tone, gender, nationality, and/or by interiority, genetic coding, and/or medical infirmities? Just how alike and/or different are we from one another? The identity series also asks viewers to consider medical images as art symbols. Can these images be considered as photography?
Can you identify?
The dotted patterns across the top and bottom of each panel? They are strips of dna sequencing gels.
Ultrasound radiographs? Look for them on the panel with the twinsโ€™ portraits.
The circular shapes in the drawings? They are cells growing in petri dishes.
Examine each panel. Compare it to the others. How are the panels similar, yet different?
Some of the panels are grouped together. Why?
How can you tell which portraits are of peopleof different nationalities?
Line, value, color, texture, shape are properties intrinsic to photography? Do you consider the identity series as art?
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