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Artist + Critic Talk: David Getsy

  • School of Art 353 Crown Street New Haven, CT, 06511 United States (map)
My research critically engages with the narratives of modern art from the perspectives of derided or ignored alternatives—sculpture, "academic" art, queer sexualities, transforming genders, camp, and non-seriousness. The questions I ask of the history of art are developed from engagements with the interdisciplinary fields of transgender studies, queer studies, game studies, and performance studies, and I have focused on the history of modern sculpture from its nineteenth-century origins to its legacies in contemporary art practice. My current projects deal with abstraction and transgender capacity as part of a larger inquiry into the changing status of the human figure in modern and contemporary art.
From my work on nineteenth-century sculptors such as Auguste Rodin to my research on contemporary art and performance, a central concern has been the ways in which artists have used sexuality as a resource in their development of public modes of practice, pluralistic accounts of sociality, and accessible artistic vocabularies. Similarly, my research draws from transgender studies as a means to excavate the competing accounts of personhood that underwrote histories of figuration and abstraction. DG