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Green Christmas At The Outer Space! Someone You Can Xray + Super Bee + Ditch Wizard + This Criminal Soul + Stoned In America

  • THE OUTER SPACE 295 Treadwell St Hamden, CT 06514 (map)

One hazy, foggy, Christmasy evening, Santa Claus was chilling out, burning one down and eating a bunch of Christmas cookies with his wonderful wife and a couple of reindeer. Sitting by the fire, he decided he'd like to listen to a little music, to really enjoy the mindset he was experiencing. So he turned on the radio. To his dismay, all he could find were commercials, pop stations, and a Debussy recital on NPR.
"Where's the rock and roll!" he cried. "Where are the hard-hitting jams I crave so deeply in my milk-and-cookie addled brain? And where are the damn Christmas songs?"

Just then, with a 'FWOOSH' and a 'Dingalingaling!' a letter showed up in his magical mailbox next to the microwave. Suspecting another Christmas emergency or a child in need, Santa hurried over and tore open the envelope. Inside was a flier. In bold red-and-green print, it read "Rock And Roll! All The Hard-Hitting Jams You Crave!"

"Why, just what I've been searching for!" Santa exclaimed.
He unfolded the flier and read more about what seemed to be an answer to his prayers. "An ugly sweater contest? My, my! And my favorite local Connecticut music, at my favorite craft beer venue? This is too good to be true!"

But it was true! Also enclosed were two tickets and the address of The Outer Space so Santa can GPS it on his sleigh.

Will Santa show up? There's only one way to find out...