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No Pop: Fluxist Laundry Day

  • NO POP 130 Park St. Floor 2 New Haven, Connecticut, 06511 (map)

1.Come to No Pop between 12-12:30
(coffee meeting) 
2.Wash you laundry Downstairs at Bubble and Squeak.
( check out our show CONVERSATION II while you wait )
3.Combine the washed laundry of all participants.
4.Separate and sort laundry by color.
5.Dry laundry in separate machines according to color.
6.Observe the spectrum of drying laundry.
7. Sort and fold laundry. Return clean clothes the original owners.
BYOB.  $5 dryer buy in. (ATM and Change machine at Bubble and Squeak)
Please no Jock Straps
underpants, bras and panties ok.