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Artist Talk: Leigh Ledare

  • School of Art/The Pool , 1156 Chapel Street New Haven, CT, 06511 United States (map)

Brother High, 2002  Silver gelatin print

Untitled (Entire Roll), 36 mounted C-print

Seattle–born artist Leigh Ledare’s methodology is both conceptual and highly performative, utilizing photography, text, film and media to construct visual narratives that address language, relationships, eroticism and social convention. Navigating the complexities in the relationship between artist and subject, Ledare rejects the notion of objective criticism. One project, Double Bind(2010/2012) addresses the socio-psychological connections formed between personal and artistic identities. Flushing out the nuance of an already existing love triangle, formed between Ledare, his former wife Meghan Ledare-Fedderly and her current husband Adam Fedderly, the artist exposed patterns of self-objectification and nonverbal understanding. Traveling to a remote cabin in upstate New York, Ledare photographed his former wife using a specific series of parameters—the experiment was then repeated between Ledare-Fedderly and her husband. In over a thousand resulting images, the articulation of the missing figure is clear. In this and other perfomative projects, Ledare creates and enacts based on a series of rules, at times self-defined and others the result of legal parameters set forth by a third party. Using various systems of communication to visualize his diverse and elaborate projects, Ledare produces work that is perplexing and psychologically gripping.—artspace