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Javanese Gamelan: Concert + Lecture-Demo

  • Luce Hall 34 Hillhouse Avenue New Haven, CT, 06511 United States (map)

Featuring the Yale Gamelan Ensemble Directed By Professor Sumarsam.

Gamelan, an orchestra consisting of predominantly gong- and metallophone-type instruments made from bronze, is well-appreciated throughout the most populated island of Indonesia and beyond. Whether in small villages or lavish royal estates; alone or accompanying dance, drama, and puppet theater, gamelan music is considered essential for official ceremonies, life-cycle rituals, radio/tv broadcasts, and various celebrations. Gamelan is now taught in Indonesian schools and colleges, and in several universities around the world.

"On hearing gamelan for the first time, some people are struck by the complexity of the relationships between the melody lines of the different instruments…others focus on the mellifluousness of the sound and the soothing, meditative quality of some of the music. Still others are excited by the multileveled interlockingness of the texture, comparing it to the experience of listening to several, incredibly good jazz solo players improvising together."—S.Weiss