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What Is Wrong With Them Comedy Tour: Pat Oates + Brian Plumb + Drew Dunn (4+5)

  • JOKER'S WILD 232 Wooster Street New Haven, CT, 06511 United States (map)

Fri, Dec 4: 8:00 pm / Sat, Dec 5: 8:00 pm + 10:30 pm

A comedy tour like no other. 3 comedians who will leave you wondering why anyone would think what they think, or more importantly, WHATS WRONG WITH THEM? 3 unique styles and perspectives. 3 completely different trains of thought. But one common result, laughter until it hurts. The 3 of them have individually made names for themselves and built reputations as 3 of the funniest and most unpredictable comedians in New England.

Drew Dunn is a comic from NH that performs all over Boston and greater New England. He began comedy back in 2014 at the age of 21 and has been performing nonstop since. His unique use of voices while talking about the craziness of life in a big family and of the world around him keep audiences laughing and looking for more!

Brian Plumb's abrasive style and lack of a moral filter has made him a comic that has people talking. Brian has performed at hard rock hotel in VEGAS, regular at Comix at FOXWOODS and irregular everywhere else. He a loose cannon and you will have no clue what he's going to say next.

Pat Oates's outlook on life is unique and hilarious. His quick wit and blunt story telling has made him a crowd favorite all over New England. Pat has appeared on TLC and the E Network and has been heard on the popular pod casts Legion of Skanks and YKWD. Pat's mixture of unparalleled crowd work and insane real life stories that you can't make up will have you shaking your head and rolling on the floor at the same time.