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Experience Ananda: Intro to Ipsalu Tantra

  • Experience Ananda 900 Grand Avenue New Haven, CT, 06511 United States (map)

Curious about Tantra? Interested in experiencing TRUE CONNECTION with yourself and others? 

Join me, for an Intro to Ipsalu Tantra Evening Class in CT! 

This evening will begin with the very basics. NO WORRIES if yoga, breathwork and meditation are not "your thing". The techniques I will be sharing are easy to pick up :D

My goal for the evening is to reconnect you with your TRUE DIVINE NATURE, to experience the fountain of unconditional love and acceptance we all have access to but have forgotten. Once you are floating within your own BLISSFUL MAGNIFICENCE, I will lead you through some fun simple exercises with each other that will help you to truly experience "NAMASTE - Honouring the Divine in Each Other". 

What you will gain:
*Personal Development
*Witness Consciousness
* ♥

What is Ipsalu Tantra?
Many think of Tantra as a way to enhance their sexuality. While that is an amazing benefit of practicing Tantra, that’s only part of the picture.

Ipsalu Tantra isn’t just a practice. It is method of spiritual advancement as derived from a sophisticated lineage of yogic masters of the ancient world. These methods enable us to cultivate the energy of our bodies (physical, energetic), mind and soul, so we can blossom into our authentic natures. By doing so, we can more joyfully and skillfully engage in our contemporary world. By recognizing our power within the quantum field of love and light, and the influences we can have within it, we can master positive change in our own lives and of the world.

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga is a unique approach within the variety of Tantric paths, a system for safely activating your cosmic consciousness—Kundalini. “Ipsalu” means “going beyond desires.” The ego mind believes having its desires fulfilled will bring happiness but that is seldom true. The Soul lives in bliss. By identifying more and more with your divine nature, you release your desires and discover who you truly are.

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About Me:
I am a life long learner who is committed to serving my community. I want to positively impact the world with light, love and bliss through this incredible experience of TRUE connection.
I am an Inspirational Speaker and Alternative Healer. I encourage people to live a blissful existence in our intense world by taking care of self FIRST! I am EXCITED and HONOURED to bring these teachings to the CT area and share them with all the wonderful souls here!!