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Laura Barr: Paintings Drawings + Penrhyn Cook: Wishful Thinking (Reception 4/3 3-6)

  • KEHLER LIDDELL GALLERY 873 Whalley Ave. New Haven, CT 06515 (map)

Laura Barr’s first solo show at the Gallery, explores color, transparency, reflection and the material qualities of light in still life and landscape. Barr works at the intersection of representation and abstraction, simplifying form and enhancing color, distilling and embellishing what she observes. “I draw inspiration from direct observation,” she explains. “I ponder the theme of impermanence; in the act of creation I hold on to moments of inspiration, consider the fleeting nature of their existence, and then let them go.” Often working in series, her vivid images invite the viewer to investigate the engaging variations in particular environments.

Like most street photographers, Penrhyn Cook’s work has no specific subject matter. And yet, collected together, her work is an amalgamation of chance encounters and random accidents that create a sense of WISHFUL THINKING. “There is an uncomplicated and peaceful world that I see through my camera that is in conflict with the evidence and reality of the fragile and uncertain world I see when I open the newspaper,” explains Cook. First and foremost a storyteller, Cook says “I love children; dislike confrontation: am continuously puzzled by acts of inhumanity. I believe in the contagiousness of laughter and the joy of music and art." Her photography documents all of that in the brief, serendipitous moments that make life, and this exhibit, interesting.

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